Two Months of Loving

Hi Friends!

Can you already believe it? I have been here for officially two months..well actually yesterday was two months. Anyways, these past two months have been incredible as they have taught me so much about having confidence in myself and in my relationship with God. While these two months have been challenging, there have been some wonderful moments.

I thought I would share with y’all what has happened in these last two months to give you an idea of what kind of adventure I am on over here.

  • The first night here was quite a night, and it’s a night I’ll remember forever. I became the last person in customs and then my organization got the dates confused and never came to pick me up. Don’t worry, I arrived safely to my location. Also, lets take a moment to congratulate me on not freaking out or crying, but on laughing through the situation.
  • I visited one of the hospitals here in the first week of living here, and left numb and broken. In that moment of being there, I truly realized that I can’t fix everything and can’t control everyone.
  • I rode my first motorcycle/boda boda…The motorcycles here aren’t the same as the ones in America, they’re much MORE terrifying. Actually, all the driving here is terrifying.
  • I am a mom of 11 kids (take it in, it’s hard to believe too), the number keeps rising as we keep rescuing more abandoned babies. Two of my kids have special needs, one of my girls is currently in the hospital fighting malnourishment, and the rest are running around being terrors with the cutest smiles on their faces. I have never loved anyone in my life as much as I love these babies; I even sacrificed my sleep for them (that says a lot.)
  • Every time I walk into the village, in the afternoon, I get attacked with hugs by the older kids. It’s seriously one of my favorite things in the whole world.
  • I was sick for two long weeks, it was the worst and I cried a lot…for my mom. I had to get IV’s, injections and lots of drugs to help get my body back to normal. If you want to lose weight..I got a plan for you, just move to Uganda and get sick for two weeks-works like a charm. But in all seriousness, this was a very humbling two weeks as I learned I can’t do everything on my own. Shoutout to my roommate and my Ugandan mom here who washed my hair, made sure I ate and took my meds and stayed with me late in the night while I received my IV’s.
  • I can count on my hands how many cups of coffee I have had while living here, and I have never been more thankful for KFC and Pizza Hut.
  • I teach a homeschool class and let’s just say it’s challenging. However, it is so rewarding especially when you see a kid’s face light up when we do something fun, or when you tell them they’re doing a great job.
  • I saw a goat get slaughtered, I then ate the goat and now I’ve gone vegetarian…well until I get back to the good ole USofA.
  • I have received many marriage proposals, stares, winks, and “Hey Mzungu, you’re beautiful,” from lots of Ugandan men. Don’t worry, dad and mom, I haven’t received a good offer yet.

Life here is very different and challenging, but totally worth it. Everyday, I learn to rely on God a little more, and each day I fall more in love with His character and who He is.

Thank you for your love, your support and your prayers. Please know that whenever you encourage me, support me or pray for me, that it is not in vain, but that it is giving me strength to live here and to love my babies.

PS: If you would like to get involved with life here in Uganda and what Mercy is doing there are three ways:

  1.  We are need of 22 sponsors for our kiddos. We have a few in the village who need a sponsor and we have several non-residents who are also in need. If you are interested and feeling God leading you to give, please contact me. (WhatsApp or Messenger only.)
  2. If you would like to support me financially, I would be incredibly grateful. I am still in need of about $1800, but I know God will provide these last few dollars. If you message me, I can give you the information of the link where you can give online.
  3. PRAYER!! We could always use your prayers. On the side of this page or at the very bottom, you can see the ways you can pray for Mercy and myself.




2 thoughts on “Two Months of Loving”

  1. Thanks so much Macy for a wonderful report — so glad you are feeling better these days 🙏 — and thanks for giving of yourself in service to the Lord and ministering to these children — God Bless you


  2. Macy,
    You are such a blessing to Mercy and the children there. Your love for those babies even having just met them and just met you shines so bright. Your smile brightens the room and so does your heart. Be encouraged! God is doing something incredible there and you get to be part of it. Give my love to the little ones and give Chosen a great big hug and kiss for me. See you soon!
    Love and blessings


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