Do I Love it Here?

Do I love it here?

That is the question that I receive all the time, and prepare yourself, you’re about to receive the truth and the reality of life here in Uganda.

Like any place I have lived in, there are things I love about that city and things I absolutely hate about it. For example, Bradenton, Florida, I hate the traffic, the snowbirds, the beach, the length of time it takes to get anywhere, but I love the people, I loved my church there, and I loved the babies I took care of and their families.

Same goes for Uganda. I hate the driving here, I hate the fact that when it rains my shoes get absolutely destroyed. I hate how my body is always dirty even when I take a shower because of the dirt and dust. I hate the fact that I have to sleep in a mosquito net every single night, and I hate all the flies here, seriously they are the worst. Imagine the flies during summer time in America on steroids and then multiply then times a billion and you have Ugandan flies. I also hate that there isn’t chickfila here…but I am learning how to cope with that.

I hate the fact that my babies were all abandoned by their moms. I hate the fact that my babies have faced extreme malnourishment and that many of them have to spend weeks in the hospital to recover. I hate the way the hospitals here care for the children and even the older patients. I even hate some of their rules and regulations on protecting these kids.

However, none of the things I hate here could ever in a million years compare to how much I love it here, nor could they ever take away from the joy I have here. Yes, I have bad and lonely days here and yes, there are some things I absolutely hate, but they will never ever take away from the love I have for these babies. These babies are my sons and my daughters, my children. I’m a mama at 21 with eight babies and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Here are the things I absolutely love and live for here: I love that when I walk into the babies home, all my babies come crawling or walking to me with the biggest smiles on their faces. I love it when I see my babies laugh and smile and giggle when I tickle them and give them attention. I love it when I hug my kiddos and they hug me back and then cling to me.

I love it when I see progress in my kids. I love it when I walk into the village, all the older kids attack me with the biggest hugs and then hang on me and follow me everywhere. I love it when my babies accomplish little things like walking and when they light up when music is turned on. But what I love the most, is I love loving these kids with the gift God has given me. These things I love make it worth living here.


2 thoughts on “Do I Love it Here?”

  1. Not everthing is what we like for sure – but God has prepared a special place for you in the lives of the children – thanks for sharing and thanks for giving of yourself to help others – Blessing s!!🙏🙏🙏😇


  2. Macy, I love reading your blog posts! You are making an incredible difference in so many lives and I am so proud of you! You have forever changed Uganda, and I think you are forever changed also! Love you, sweet lady!!


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