My First Two Weeks

Hi Friends and Fam!

I have been trying to write a post about my first week here since last Thursday, and now, it has turned into a blog about my first two weeks here. It has honestly been the toughest thing to write and even now, I am struggling to come up with the right words to say and to share.

My first two weeks here have been…challenging, absolutely wonderful, lonely, incredibly amazing, heartbreaking, and amazingly adventurous. I thought about telling you of all the new experiences, or the places I have gone or the things I have seen, but it didn’t seem good enough. I then thought about sharing of my first night here and how I almost didn’t get through customs, or about my first experience in a Ugandan hospital where I was ready to go full-crazy American on them, but I felt like my emotions and experiences would get lost in translation.

So, I finally decided that I would share with you what I am thankful for. Two weeks of living in a new country can really teach you what you’re thankful for.

  • I am thankful for healthy babies who have loving mommies and daddies. I am currently caring for a malnourished baby, and it puts things into perspective.
  • I am thankful for clean hospitals, incredible nurses and wonderful doctors. I am thankful for the rules and the organizations our hospitals have.
  • I am thankful for American systems, procedures and the laws we have in place to protect our children.
  • I am thankful for our traffic lights, our speed limits, our road signs, and our paved roads with markings on them. I will never complain about someone not using there blinker or someone cutting me off ever again.
  • I am thankful for our diversity of people in America. It can be incredibly tough being the only white girl; I have been stared at, proposed to and laughed at.
  • And finally, I am thankful for our food. I miss you Chickfila. (In all seriousness, stop posting pictures of food on your social media, please and thank you.)

Before I left someone told me, I can’t fix it, and that I am truly learning. I am currently praying that I will have a better understanding of the Ugandan culture and their systems so that I can be better equipped in loving and caring for these babies with excellence.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers, and pray for my sweet babies.

Love you all.


One thought on “My First Two Weeks”

  1. Just got back from India — and saw this — it is always an adventure when we live in new cultures — the traffic and hard to understand order (or not) seem so out of synce with what we are used to — yet that is how it is — and God loves the people with in the context of the differences — as you hole that malnurshied baby the reality comes into focus — Bless you — and thank you for giving to the lord


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