Thank you!

Well Friends! TOMORROW my journey begins as I board my flights to head to Uganda.

Many have asked how I am feeling…and well, it’s starting to hit me. My emotions, my nerves, the tears, the goodbyes, everything is hitting me like a tennis racquet hitting a tennis ball. It comes fast, and it smacks hard. My mom literally surprised me with Christmas morning this morning, and I broke down crying. (If you’re a guy reading this, this is nothing unusual…some women cry a lot 🙂 ).

One of the emotions I have experienced this week (and the past few weeks of being in Wilmington,) is complete awe. Many of y’all know, I hate Wilmington and that it is incredibly hard for me to be here. However, these past few weeks I have felt so loved, so supported and so encouraged from the people of this city. Everywhere I have gone, people have heard my plans, my goals and my vision and they have been so supportive to the point where I wanna cry from feeling so loved.

So to everyone who I have talked to, prayed with, and seen in these past few weeks, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. Your support and prayers have done more than just encourage me, they have carried me as I have prepared for this new season.

I know this next year is going to be difficult, but knowing that I have so many people praying for me and supporting me is a huge relief and just incredibly wonderful.

So here I go, on my next season of life with all five bags of luggage, heading to a new town, in a new country, with new people. Accompanying me and my five bags, is my faith in God and the Holy Spirit guiding me and directing me.

Thank you for your prayers.



PS: So many have asked how to contact me and keep in touch with me. Well you can follow my blog, add me on facebook and instagram, or contact me through whatsapp and email. I can’t promise quick responses, but I can promise I will look at them, get distracted and then respond hours or days later.

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